Dexter Jeanty ’20
Sister Thérèse Higgins Sisters of St. Joseph Scholar

Dexter JeantyAs an orientation leader, Dexter Jeanty ’20 shares this advice with students: “Regis is what you make of it. Grab it the by the reins and make it a wonderful experience.”

When Jeanty first arrived at Regis, he was focused on the basketball program. At 6'5", he plays power forward and center for the Regis Pride. But it didn’t take him long to realize there is much more to the Regis community. “I have this feeling of being wanted,” he says. “The professors treat me like family and want me to strive for greatness.” Jeanty learned early on about opportunities such as education. Though he says his family didn’t have much growing up, he says that his mother “never let me lose the hope and faith inside of me.”

Receiving the Sister Thérèse Higgins Sisters of St. Joseph Scholarship reinforced that message of hope. “I was originally worried about the financial part of going to college,” Jeanty recalls. “But Regis has invested in me. Now I have unwavering faith that after graduation I will not only have a job, but a lifelong career.”

Jeanty is majoring in exercise science, a path he chose from personal experience. Since he has had three repairs to knee injuries, he has worked with physician assistants and physical therapists. One was particularly inspirational. “He genuinely loved his career and that is the same kind of passion I want to have for my life. The medical field is forever expanding and knowledge is always widening. It amazes me.”

For Jeanty, who comes from Pembroke Pines, Florida, Regis has become a second home that he considers “a blessing.” The beauty of the campus, he adds, is “the amazing amount of diversity.” The connections he has made have become his Regis family. “That family will help pave my future and also create great moments of debate and learning,” Jeanty says. “The university has so much to offer, and making it into my own dream is easy as long as I continue to put forth my best effort. My goal is to always make my mother proud.”

Profile by Kristen Walsh
Photos by Holly Redmond