May Truesdell ’05, ’06

May TruesdellMay Truesdell believes that in giving back to Regis, she will allow students to share the same kinds of experiences that she had on campus.

“When I went on my campus tour as a high school senior, it felt like home,” Truesdell says. “It’s hard to put into words.”

As one of five children, Truesdell did not think she would make it to college. “As the oldest child, I thought that I would naturally just start working right out of high school. When I found out about my Regis scholarship, I was excited but nervous because I never had anybody close to me attend college.”

Truesdell credits Regis faculty and classmates “with a love for learning and development” for providing her with much-needed support to build confidence on her new venture. That includes her decision to major in biology. “I wanted to study science but I was unsure how to explore career options. It was from my organic chemistry professor that I learned about regulatory affairs, and I knew then that it would be my path.”

Truesdell went on to complete a Master of Science in Health Product Regulations and Health Policy at Regis. Today, she is manager of regulatory affairs at Cardinal Health, leading a team of regulatory professionals responsible for the support of new product development and maintenance of business projects.

“I never dreamed I would be where I am today,” Truesdell says. “Because of my scholarship, I was able to get a good education, meet a great group of people, and make it in the world.”

As the first in her family to graduate from college, she gets sentimental about her alma mater. “I knew if I graduated from Regis it would be an achievement. Today, it still makes me proud to think about what I’ve accomplished.”

Truesdell attended the first Let It Shine Regis Gala in October 2016 because she and her husband believe in supporting the next generation of Regis learners. And she recalls when she saw the Now We Fly campaign banner unfurl for the first time. “To me, these words and this campaign mean that we are building a better university and a bigger community. Together, we can soar.”

Profile by Kristen Walsh
Photos by Holly Redmond