What does the theme mean?

Now We Fly means so many different things to different people. Regis has been excelling in its endeavors since 1927, and the university is ready to take off to a new level and reach infinite heights. The close-knit community has always focused on the “we”—it’s never about one individual, but rather, the collective community at Regis that truly makes the university great. Now that we are ready to fly, we will fly together.

Now We Fly is all about providing infinite opportunity. The opportunity of education. The opportunity to give back and change a life.” –John Tegan, Chair, Board of Trustees, and Now We Fly donor

“The Regis community has been ‘the wind beneath my wings’ and has contributed to my personal growth. Now We Fly represents being prepared for the world because of all the opportunities I have been given at Regis.” –Justine Murphy ’17

“There have been a few times in Regis’ history where the school has ‘turned the corner,’ but Regis has grown in so many ways that now Regis is far above where we’ve ever been. It’s Regis’ time to fly and our support is needed to support Regis’ flight.” –Judy Murphy Lauch ’68, Now We Fly donor