Dear Neighbor

Regis Today | Fall 2020 

“ Today’s students are tomorrow’s heroes, and our community coming together to support their dreams and support their continued success ensures a brighter future for us all.”What a year. While Regis has seen its fair share of challenges just like everyone else, each one of those challenges presents a new opportunity—to reflect, to learn, and to grow as an institution. We are not letting the challenges define us; instead, we are embracing that opportunity to learn how to better serve our students under any circumstances.

Since March we have tackled the pandemic head-on—safely, strategically, and proactively—to ensure our community continues to thrive. Strong enrollment at all levels this fall—with an increase in both graduate and online numbers—has proven that Regis has successfully provided students with an enriching and innovative academic experience despite much of the work happening remotely. As we look toward the spring semester, we aim to have in-person learning experiences for all students, with residence halls operating at 50 percent capacity and housing approximately 400 undergraduates all in single rooms. After successful on-campus COVID-19 testing during the fall semester, Regis is prepared to expand its on-campus population under the same effective and safe protocols. Read more about how Regis has adapted during the pandemic on page 22 of the Regis Today Fall 2020 issue, and visit for the latest information.

These challenges have not and will not slow us down. In October we celebrated our annual Let It Shine Gala virtually (read more on page 30), raising more than $400,000 for student scholarship support while honoring the thousands of Regis health care heroes who are on the front lines risking their well-being every day to ensure the safety and good health of others. We continue to take action to promote racial equity on our campus. The university’s plan—“Beginning to Address Systemic Racism”—is outlined on page 3 and the full story on page 18 shares a glimpse of what Regis has achieved thus far as we continue important conversations and create purposeful action steps to hold ourselves accountable and make a real difference.

The challenges of 2020 have highlighted the best and worst of our country as we continue to see divisiveness and anger plague our society. Regardless of where you stand, this presidential election certainly marks a turning point for our country. I am proud that Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’ groundbreaking election shows women and girls in the United States that their dreams, passions, and determination are valued. As an institution founded by women for women, we should all be incredibly proud that our country elected its first female vice president. The empowerment of women is—and will always be—a core value that is of the utmost importance to who we are as an institution and who we are as a community.

As a campus community and as citizens we must collectively build on those values we share. We must champion respect and unity as we move forward. And above all else, we must continue to keep our students at the center of everything we do. Ensuring our strategies and decisions and institutional priorities are made through the lens of the students has been a hallmark of my presidency, and that fundamental idea has successfully guided us through many challenges in 2020. 

And as we look toward a new year, I am hopeful. I am optimistic. I am grateful. Today’s students are tomorrow’s heroes, and our community coming together to support their dreams and support their continued success ensures a brighter future for us all. I wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2021.



Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN