The Shining Example Award was established in 2016 at the first Let It Shine Regis Gala. The award was created to honor and recognize a person (or group) who exemplifies the core values of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, Regis’ founders: through gracious hospitality, love and service of the Dear Neighbor without distinction, peaceful resolution of conflict, and care for all God’s creation. The recipient is someone who truly leads by example.

World-renowned sculptor Nancy Schön, best known for her “Make Way for Ducklings” sculpture in the Boston Public Garden, created the Shining Example Award. The bronze piece is a replica of the Regis Tower atop a passion flower with Regis words and themes inscribed on each petal, such as service, peace, educate, respect, and love. Nancy has fond memories of Regis because as she was launching her professional career, the Sisters of St. Joseph hosted one of her first exhibitions on campus.


Shining Example Award recipients

2016 Virginia Pyne Kaneb '57
2017 Marshall M. Sloane
2018 William S. Mosakowski
2019 Patricia A. D’Amore ’73
2020 Regis Health Care Heroes
2021 Thomas P. O’Neill III