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A gift to the Regis Fund provides life-changing opportunities through scholarships and financial aid, powerful experiences, and enriching academics. Please enjoy this short video message to hear from a few of the students whose lives were changed thanks to your generosity.

Please enjoy the stories below to learn more about the students you are supporting. Your generosity is making an immediate impact—thank you!


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"Where I come from, we are told not to reach for the stars, but my scholarship support has helped shut that stigma down,” says first-generation and scholarship recipient Thalita Correia '23. “Without even knowing me, someone out there believes in me and what I can do. Donor support means everything to me." WATCH VIDEO




Joshua Perez Watch Video

Scholarship recipient and business major Joshua Perez ’24 is the first in his family to attend college, and he is proud to be the one who will change his family’s history and show future generations that hard work pays off. “My scholarship means so much to my family and me,” says Perez. “We were ecstatic when we learned of this scholarship, knowing it would greatly aid our family and allow me to focus on what is more important—my education.” WATCH VIDEO





Sarah Brown Watch Video

"Saying thank you is not enough to explain how much my scholarship means to me. Your support allows me to be a more well-rounded student because I can focus on my studies and be more involved in campus life instead of worrying about finances," shares nursing major Sarah Brown '26. "It means so much knowing that people believe in me and invested in my future—thank you!" WATCH VIDEO




Josue Colon Calderon Watch Video


"I would not be able to be here at Regis if it were not for my scholarships," says Josue Colon Calderon '25. "I am so grateful for the opportunity to pursue my goal of becoming a nurse in the public health field without having to worry about finances. Thank you so much for supporting me!" WATCH VIDEO


Kristin Barrett Watch Video


Thanks to scholarship support, Kristin Barrett '24 has the opportunity to pursue their passions, find their voice, and discover they have the power to change the world. Please watch the video above to hear more about Kristin’s journey and how her scholarship motivated her to make the most of her college experience.


Lilla-Torontali-24 Watch Video

"My scholarship motivates me to work my hardest and make of this opportunity. I am proud to be a first-generation student, and I am so thankful that I am here at Regis pursuing my dream of becoming an educator." Lilla Torontali '24 Watch this video to hear more about her journey and how her scholarship is helping her soar to new heights.




Gianna Petkewich ’24 Watch Video

After completing the Regis Summer Scholars program, which allows rising junior and senior high school students to get a head start on their college experience and earn academic credit, Gianna Petkewich ’24 knew that Regis was going to be the place she would soon call home. Thanks to the Sister Thérèse Higgins Sisters of St. Joseph Merit, she is pursuing her passion and receiving the tools she needs to succeed as a dental hygienist. Watch the video.




Jacob Desjardins ’23, an education major and Regis Diverse Educators Scholarship recipient, is committed to being the champion that every child deserves and shares how Regis is helping him to fulfill this dream






“I acknowledged that my Regis experience is for me to define; therefore, I got involved with activities on campus that allowed me to challenge myself and develop my leadership skills,” she nursing major and Sister Therese Higgins CSJ Scholarship recipient Lydia Miller ’23.





Donor Stories


A Gift for Generations

A GIFT for generations

Barbara Bagley ’70 describes Regis as “near and dear” to her heart, saying that it played an integral role in her life and career. That’s why she is a member of the Higgins Society and the Catherine Burke Society—she gives to Regis annually and included the university in her will to ensure future generations have the same opportunities to excel.




Andrew BlanchetteHiggins society spotlight

“I owe Regis for who I am today. I was fortunate to have assistance through alumni gifts which is the reason I give annually. I hope my gift will give other Regis students their own chance to embrace everything Regis has to offer and shape their future selves." Andrew Blanchette ’13





Donald E. McCready established an endowed scholarship in memory of his beloved life partner, Carol M. Murphy ’60. “From a young age I was determined to pursue higher education,” says recipient Karla Aramayo-Lopez ’20 (pictured at left with McCready on campus). “This scholarship is such a blessing to me.”




lori hankspaying it forward

Lori Hanks ’99 gives back to the Hannah Bradley Scholarship that helped her achieve her college dreams. “I truly hope that my gift to Regis will now find its way to another non-traditional student and impact their life as it did mine,” says Hanks. “To the future recipient of the scholarship, I say, ‘tag—you’re it!’”