Past Articles

Selected articles from previous editions of Regis Today

Fall 2018

  • A True Champion
    Isaiah Wilson ’19 uses mentorship to create opportunities for others
  • Cultural Exchange
    Nursing students from Saudi Arabia earn Regis graduate degrees and build personal connections
  • Little Fish, Big Impact
    Zebrafish Research Facility opens doors for studying human disease
  • In My Own Words - A Different World
    Regis in Haiti by Alexa Pozniak ’99
  • A Fresh Start
    Grace Milner Howard-Donlin ’00 founds an inner-city honors academy that challenges the status quo.
  • Smile On
    When Mount Ida College announced that it would close its doors in spring 2018 their Dental Hygiene program was left without a home, without educational pathways and without jobs - until Regis committed to continue the program.

Spring 2018

  • In My Own Words
    A Fire in Me By Alexa Cuellar '21
  • Lasting Impact
    Regis Autism Center leverages the power of early intervention
  • Individual Value
    Julie Flanagan White '94 on the people-side of banking and on mentoring Regis students
  • A Class Act
    Behind the scenes with actor, author, and activist Diane Guerrero
  • Love, Food, Family
    Regis alumnae Amy Bantos Tiglianidis ’98 and Tina Bantos Tiglianidis ’99 are sisters and co-workers who have successfully melded work, family life, and their Greek heritage.

Fall 2017

  • True Purpose
    Family inspires Natasha Iacoviello '20 to pursue a nursing career
  • Music Matters
    For Padmini Sushila Pillai ’05, singing and science are in tune.
  • Enduring Pride
    Regis Athletics takes on new challenges
  • The Write Stuff
    From the classroom to the big screen, Caitlin McCarthy ’92 is making her mark
  • Critical Thinking
    Lab research aimed at traumatic brain injury
  • Ahead of the Game
    Julie Griffin '94 on the fanfare of community-building at Gillette Stadium
  • Opening Doors
    Reflecting on Regis’ visionary move to go coed: a decade later

Spring 2017

  • Music Maker
    New Alumni Chorus director builds on strong choral heritage
  • High Scores
    Regis women's and men's basketball programs flourish on and off the court
  • Defining Your Best Self
    Business partners Alexandra Rogers ’14, ’15 (left), and Alexa Nicholls Costa ’14, ’15, opened their second LexRx location on Newbury Street in 2016.
  • A Transformational Team
    Student-led exhibit gives world-renowned sculptor “the best show I have ever, ever had.”
  • Now We Fly
    The Campaign for Regis
  • Hearts & Minds
    Empowered to Dream

Fall 2016

  • Finding Their Voices
    As long as there have been languages, there have been interpreters. Learn how Maria Vertkin ’11 is harnessing this ancient profession to create better futures for immigrant women in Greater Boston.
  • Crowning Achievements
    Renee Banks ’19 on pageants, nursing, and the fight against melanoma
  • Sacred Spaces
    A glimpse into favorite sacred spots on campus
  • Leading Roles
    Students take on dramatic roles to put theory into practice
  • Many Hats, No Collar
    Father Paul Kilroy builds community, connection