Each year, Regis alumni, family, and friends choose to support Regis. What inspires them to generously give back may vary, but the stories behind them all reveal the gratitude and gracious hospitality that embodies the core values of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

We hope the spotlights below remind you of what made your Regis experience memorable and inspires you to give back.

Every gift counts—every donor makes an immediate difference to so many deserving students. Thank you!


Donors at Regis Events


Donor Spotlights

Regina Caines '54
The opportunity to give back in the small way that I can, through donations to the university, pales in relation to the inherent way in which the threads of my Regis life have been interwoven in primary ways into my professional and key lifetime achievements and milestones.

Evan Russell '20
I was inspired to give to Regis in honor of the memories I made over my four years at Regis. I hope my donation will help contribute to great memories for future students.

Susan Marrone Sokol '83
My wonderful mother-in-law, Catherine Sokol ’50, enjoyed her years at Regis and was most recently the class president. I know that she is smiling with the knowledge that my gift, in her memory, will enable a young woman or young man to attend Regis with less financial burden.

George Baldwin (Trustee 1976-1996)
I am motivated to support Regis to inspire young women and men who have the courage, desire, and perseverance to better themselves and the world through their education.

Kimberly Desorcy-Muldoon '90
I feel so fortunate to have been able to get not only an excellent academic experience. In addition, I received a sense of belonging, respect for who I was, thoughtful advice, opportunities to intern/meet professionals in my field of choice, and a home that felt like the best place I could be at that time in my life. I am grateful for the financial support and hope to be a small part of letting someone else get the privilege to attend Regis like I did.

Darlene Ann Greco Hayes '85
Regis changed my life. From the tight-knit classes, attentive and accessible teachers, to friends I cherish still to this day—Regis really built me into a better person.

Mary Carroll Epperlein '64
My years at Regis expanded my world. I treasure my memories and feel blessed to be connected to this day.

Karyn Lessard '02, '05
I can’t think of a better way to honor Regis than by giving back to the institution that gave me so much.

Katherine M. Conway '74
Regis continues to serve so many students, who, like many of my 1974 classmates, are the first in their families to attend college. Regis' commitment to current students is evident as it educates 21st-century pupils for gainful employment and/or advanced degrees.

Catherine O. Erik-Soussi '73
I choose to support this fine liberal arts institution, one of dignity and high ethical standards, to continue to provide a rigorous education and valuable life lessons for students to come. Its message has guided me for nearly 50 years.

Barbara Lipcan Bagley '70
Sr. Marie de Sales Dinneen and my experience as the Mt. Regis yearbook editor-in-chief gave me the encouragement and confidence to pursue a rewarding, fulfilling career in magazine editing. I will always be grateful to her and to Regis.

Gail Holloway '69
Regis always told us we were meant to be leaders. Regis gave me the education I wanted to become a teacher and when my daughter was ready for college she chose Regis out of all the places she was accepted to. I made friendships there that I still value today. I give so others may enjoy the wonderful experience that I had at Regis. 

Grace Howard-Donlin '00
Regis remains a source of strength and inspiration for me; still deserving so much credit for shaping me into the educator I am today.

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