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Now We Fly

The Campaign for Regis

By Alexis Baum

Regis Today Spring 2017

As Regis celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, the university launched its most ambitious comprehensive fundraising campaign—Now We Fly: The Campaign for Regis—a $40 million endeavor with four funding priorities that will support the dynamic Regis community and its mission.

When you step onto the Regis campus in 2017, it looks markedly different than even five years ago.

A state-of-the-art residence hall towers over the grass quad that was once a parking lot. The renovated Library offers a modern study space for the community to connect and work together. These physical upgrades are thanks in part to Now We Fly donors who made leadership gifts to help kick off the “quiet phase” of the campaign. Their gifts resulted in named spaces on campus that include the Lorraine Tegan Learning Commons, the Luben Plaza, and the Lennon Dance Studio. Many other donors stepped up to give leadership gifts as well, bringing the total dollars raised for Now We Fly to $24 million—60 percent of the overall goal—as of the April 2017 public launch.

“I am thrilled to launch Now We Fly at such an exciting time in Regis’ history, and seeing the transformation of my alma mater right before my eyes is remarkable,” says Vice President for Institutional Advancement Miriam Finn Sherman ’98. “Regis must be bold and ambitious in its campaign effort as we continue to build a strong culture of philanthropy that will set the university on the path to a bright future.”

And it’s not just the physical campus that has undergone a transformation. Regis continues to build stronger academic programs, student resources, global opportunities, service programs, and technology initiatives to stay relevant and competitive in today’s higher education marketplace.

“Greater Boston will always be a mecca of higher education opportunities, so we’re focused on being innovative and keeping Regis ahead of the curve,” says Regis President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN. “Campaign donors enable the university to stay nimble and flexible as we work toward our strategic goals and vision for Regis in the 21st century.”

Now We Fly’s $40 million goal is comprised of four main funding priorities: building the community; investing in students; teaching and learning; and annual support for the Regis Fund. (Learn more about these) Regis’ Let It Shine Gala (see page 30) feeds directly into the campaign, as all funding for this annual event is designated for student scholarships. Providing unlimited opportunities for students of all backgrounds continues to be the hallmark of the university.

“Regis gives students jet fuel,” says John Tegan, chair of the Regis Board of Trustees and campaign co-chair. “Providing the opportunity and the tools to promising and talented students in need is the first step in making a difference in the world. I’m honored to support an institution that exemplifies that.”

Library renovations to the first and second floors offer modern study spaces for students to gather.

What Does Now We Fly Mean To You?

“Energized by the dynamic President Hays, it is Regis’ time to fly. We believe that investing in Regis is investing in the future of America. The dream of a better future can be achieved by supporting our students today.”

Eileen McCormick Langenus ’78 and Peter Langenus, Board of Trustees, Now We Fly donors

“The Regis community has been ‘the wind beneath my wings’ and has contributed to my personal growth. Now We Fly represents being prepared for the world because of all the opportunities I have been given at Regis.”

Justine Murphy ’17

Regis Gives Students the Confidence to Make Their Dreams Take Flight

Justine Murphy ’17 knows first-hand that a great nurse can make all the difference in the world. When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer during her senior year of high school (she is now in remission and doing well), Murphy took notice of the amazing nurses making her mom’s journey in the hospital just a little easier.

Justine Murphy '17

“I decided right then that I wanted to become a nurse to help patients feel better during rough days,” says Murphy. “So I enrolled at Regis for its excellent nursing program and the one-on-one support from professors in the small classes.”

Murphy credits her “amazing teachers,” the close-knit community, and clinical placements at top Boston-area hospitals as some of the key elements of her positive Regis experience. And amid her nursing studies, she found time to hold several leadership roles on campus, study abroad in Ireland, and travel to Peru for the annual spring break service trip.

“I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone at Regis,” she says. “I’ve learned so many life lessons through my successes and failures as a resident assistant, and my clinicals at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital allowed me learn from well-known and accomplished doctors.”

Murphy plans to work as a registered nurse in pediatrics or oncology in the future. Now that she just graduated, she will take her NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) this summer, have some time to travel, and then put her Regis nursing degree to good use helping others.

Marcos Aguirre ’18 doesn’t take anything for granted when it comes to his Regis education. He knows that without his scholarship, his next step after high school may not have included college.

Marcos Aguirre '18

“Regis would not have been in the picture for me without the financial support,” says Aguirre, a communications major who is also on the men’s volleyball team. “To make the most of my opportunities, I have used every resource available on campus to become a better student.”

Aguirre knew that Regis was a good fit right away because of the low student-to-faculty ratio.

“You’re not just a number at Regis,” he says. “You’re actually a person who matters, and having the one-on-one interaction with professors and classmates makes such a difference in my academic experience.”

Aguirre admits that his first year at Regis was tough but describes the list of his mentors at Regis as “endless,” citing his support system as a key component in shaping the person he is today. In addition to a work-study position in Undergraduate Admission, he was encouraged to get involved in the community by becoming a Pride Guide (student tour guide) and an Orientation Leader—leadership roles that he says contributed positively to his evolution as a student and person.

“When I look back at my 17-year-old self, I realize how far I have come already,” he says. “I have made enormous strides in just a few years at Regis, and I plan to pursue graduate school to obtain a master’s degree in higher education administration to continue working in a similar environment in the future.”

Aguirre’s favorite thing about Regis is simple: the people. “It brings me happiness to be part of such a welcoming community,” he says. “I’m proud that I’ll someday be able to say that I’m an alumnus of a school that promotes love and service to the dear neighbor without distinction.”

“Humans achieve their potential in settings that nourish, challenge, excite, and transform. For thousands of current students and alumni, that place is Regis. This beloved institution was built on generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure, and these gifts will continue to help Regis soar now and into the future.”

Ernest Collamati, PhD, associate professor of religious studies

“There have been a few times in Regis history where the school has ‘turned the corner,’ but Regis has grown in so many ways that now the university is far above where it has ever been. It’s Regis’ time to fly and our support is needed to support Regis’ flight.”

Judy Murphy Lauch ’68, Now We Fly donor

Now We Fly Funding Priorities

Building the Community: Capital Projects

Regis is making significant investments in its physical infrastructure to enhance how the community lives, learns, and works together. The new residence hall, library renovation, campus quad, and improved traffic footprint were just the beginning; the next capital projects include renovations to the science building and athletic field complex.

Investing in Students: Endowed Scholarships

Following the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Regis remains committed to providing unlimited opportunities for deserving students of all backgrounds. Growing the endowed scholarship funds ensures that the university can meet the increasingly rigorous need for financial support.

Teaching and Learning

Regis will give students access to innovative academic initiatives that enable them to learn, serve, and soar—from honors programs to state-of-the-art nursing simulation labs to community service trips that help our dear neighbors.

Growing Annual Support: The Regis Fund

Annual support makes a critical difference in the daily lives of all who live, study, and work at Regis. Everyday operating costs associated with athletics, student life programs, study abroad opportunities, mentoring and library resources—and so much more—are supported by the Regis Fund. Because Now We Fly is completely comprehensive, any gift made to the Regis Fund counts toward the campaign goal.

To learn more about Now We Fly, contact Miriam Finn Sherman ’98, vice president for institutional advancement, at 781.768.7220 or

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