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Regis applauds state’s practice supervision reform


On January 1, 2021, a newly signed state law lifted practice restrictions and increased access to care. The sweeping health care reform, signed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, grants nurse practitioners, psychiatric mental health clinical nurse specialists, and nurse anesthetists independent authority over their practice after two years of supervision by a physician or qualified advanced practice nurse. Previously, supervision was required by a physician, limiting the ability of advanced practice nurses to deliver care permitted by their licenses and scope of practice.

A driving force behind the reform’s approval was the decision by the state earlier this year to temporarily lift the physician supervision requirement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to optimize health care access during the once-in-a-generation public health crisis.Health Care Worker Graphic

"This critical reform addresses the rising health care needs of patients and regional workforce challenges that were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Diane Welsh, DNP, RN, CNE, dean of the Young School of Nursing at Regis. “Removing practice restrictions further empowers advanced practice nurses, including the next generation of nurse practitioners we educate at Regis College. This new law will increase access to high-quality care during the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting demands on our health care system, as well as expand access to care into the future.”

Twenty-two other states had already removed practice supervision restrictions, including every state in New England except for Massachusetts. Associate Professor Mary Ann Hart, PhD, director for the health administration graduate program and a registered lobbyist who has represented several nursing professional groups advocating for the legislation, explained that numerous factors made supervision requirements a barrier to practice, including a shortage of primary care physicians and psychiatrists to supervise a growing number of advanced practice nurses.

“There have been a lot of people rooting for this legislation,” Hart said. “I think it is going to encourage more nurses to become advanced practice nurses because they will no longer have this barrier to practice.”

Hart, who represented the Massachusetts Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses on the most recent push for the legislation, pointed out an increasing number of advanced practice nurses, particularly in psychiatry, simply could not care for their patients because they were unable to find physician supervisors.

“But attitudes have changed,” said Hart. “The evidence shows that health outcomes for patients treated by advanced practice nurses are comparable to those who have been treated by physicians. People in health care are beginning to get that.”



Tammi MagazzuQ&A with
Tammi Magazzu,

Director of Regis College
Health and Wellness Center 


In January 2021, Tammi Magazzu, RN, MSN, WHNP-BC, joined Regis as the director of the Regis College Health and Wellness Center. She boasts more than two decades as a nursing educator and previously served as a nursing instructor at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professionals. 

Why did you say “yes” to joining Regis?
I felt this was a spectacular opportunity to merge my two passions: adolescent health and education. A health services department is all about education and most of the population are older adolescents and young adults.

How will your work as a nurse educator inform your role at the Health and Wellness Center?
I was blessed to have worked as an educator for over 18 years and this has helped me develop a rapport with students. It taught me to have a mutual respect for them. Additionally, I bring a faculty background, which helps me bridge the gap between faculty and students.

What was it like starting your role amid the pandemic, when 350 residential students were returning to campus?
It was excellent, scary, educational, and awakening. I felt the support from the Regis team was exceptional. I have enjoyed the opportunity to grow as a person and a health care professional.

What has been your experience at Regis thus far?
This role has been what my entire career was building toward. I knew I would need to adapt quickly, maintain a calm persona, and bring my team together in the height of what could be a "panic" time. But the Health and Wellness Center team has maintained an environment that put students first, and I'm proud of the work we have done.

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