Erica AlvesName: Erica Alves
Class: 2020
Major: Health Sciences
Current title/Employer: Clinical Assistant at Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Where are you now?
I work as a clinical assistant at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston on the melanoma oncology unit. I help the doctors perform biopsies on patients and also work in the infusion clinic where patients get treated for their cancer with either chemotherapy or an injection. During that time, my job is to check their vitals while they are getting treatment to make sure they are stable and help the nurses.

How did Regis College help shape your career path?
My experiences and education at Regis have definitely shaped my life for the best after college, which has helped me with my job at Dana Farber. By majoring in the health sciences field I was able to understand medical terminology and the disease processes that are related to my job.

What advice do you have for current students?
Follow your dreams and goals and don't be afraid if you are not successful the first time. Just pick yourself up and work harder and finish stronger than the last time. Also, always ask for help if you are struggling, whether you reach out to the professors or go to the peer tutoring center.

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