charitable BEQUESTS: Gifts made through your estate


Adding Regis to your Will

You can make a bequest to Regis by including language in your will or living trust that designates a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or all or a portion of what is left after you have made bequests to your family. You may include Regis by creating a new will or adding a codicil to your present will.

Sample Bequest Language

“I give (the sum of $____) (the following described property:________) to Regis College, a non-profit corporation of the State of Massachusetts, to be used to further its purposes as the Board of Trustees in their discretion may deem appropriate.” For more sample bequest language, please contact Institutional Advancement at 781.768.7220.

Download the bequest commitment form here.

How it Works

Types of Bequests

  • Cash Bequest: Donor gives a specific dollar amount.

  • Specific Bequest: Donor gives specific assets, such as securities, an interest in real estate, or tangible personal property (e.g., works of art, antiques, etc.).

  • Residuary Bequest: Donor gives all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after the payment of any specific bequests and all estate-related expenses.

  • Contingent Bequest: Donor gives a bequest only in the event of the death of other beneficiaries.

  • Bequest to a Charitable Remainder Trust: One or more named beneficiaries receive income for life or for a specified term of years, after which time the assets pass to Regis.

  • Retirement plan: Donor designates Regis College as a beneficiary of the remainder of an IRA, Keogh, tax-deferred annuity, or qualified pension or profit-sharing plan.


Beneficiary Designations

You can name Regis is as a charitable beneficiary of your assets—including retirement plans, life insurance policies, donor-advised funds, or bank accounts—by completing a form that is separate from your will and can be changed any time without an attorney. Unlike a beneficiary gift to family members, this type of gift to Regis is tax-exempt.



Estate Gift Facts

  • A bequest costs you nothing during your lifetime and ensures opportunities are available to future Regis generations.

  • You retain control of and use of assets during your lifetime.

  • You may modify the bequest at any time if circumstances change.

  • Gifts to Regis from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes.

  • If eligible, the full designated amount can count toward current campaigns and class gifts.