Q&A with
Andrew Blanchette ’13


Andrew BlanchetteWhat is one of your favorite memories from your time as a student at Regis?
It is hard to pick just one. I think a recurring theme was the level of support that I received from faculty and staff. I was always encouraged to apply for roles on campus and internships that I felt unqualified for. This led to four years in student government—including two years as student body president—and two internships at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

How have you stayed engaged with Regis since graduating?
I have served on the Alumni Council and volunteered at nearly every reunion.

What inspires you to give annually to Regis?
I owe Regis for who I am today. I was fortunate to have assistance through alumni gifts which is the reason I give annually. I hope my gift will give other Regis students their own chance to embrace everything Regis has to offer and shape their future selves.

What are you passionate about and why? I've always been passionate about seeing people challenge themselves to think differently and embrace as many experiences as possible. My journey led me from a lab to sales and now strategy planning in health care insurance. Each experience challenged me to think differently because the environments and industries were very distinct.

What do you think makes Regis stand out from other schools?
Regis stands apart as a university by making each person feel like they are the only student there. The commitment, support, and resources offered to me as a student were immeasurable, and the principles I learned at Regis still guide me to this day.


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