Jacob Desjardins Jacob Desjardins ’23 remembers the moment he knew he wanted to become a teacher. He was volunteering with his church at a summer camp and met a camper who had a rare heart disease that required her to get a pulmonary catheter. “Everything was a little bit harder for her—carrying around a heavy backpack and taking frequent rest and water breaks,” recalls Jacob. Yet he found himself inspired by her positive attitude, not allowing anything to get in the way of enjoying the camp activities. At the beginning of the week, the camper became determined to succeed in the game of cornhole, and Jacob worked diligently with her practicing all week. On the last day of camp, she finally made a shot and Jacob still remembers her reaction and shouts of excitement. 

“The pure joy that she displayed gave me an overwhelming feeling that I made a difference in this child's life,” says Jacob. “Inspiring kids like her has shown me that I am meant to be a teacher. If she can push through all of these medical conditions with a smile on her face, she deserves a teacher who will put love and care into their work.”

Thanks to the Regis Diverse Educators Scholarship, a full-tuition, four-year scholarship for students committed to the field of education and serving underrepresented populations in education, Jacob has the chance to fulfill his dream. “Without this scholarship, I would not be here,” he says. “My family and I are forever grateful for this funding.”  

Jacob is passionate about finding ways to support each of his students so they can succeed academically. “As a future educator, I intend to meet the needs of all my students, and in my future classroom, each student will call our classroom home,” says Jacob. “You may never know what someone is going through in their home life. As an educator, I want my students to feel safe and happy at school no matter what they may be dealing with outside of school.”

Jacob is grateful for the Regis community and his professors for providing an inclusive environment where each student is more than just a number. “Regis has helped me grow into a strong individual who is not afraid to ask for help,” says Jacob. “Everyone at Regis wants to be a source of success for you, and I want to be that person for my students in the future.”