Johann Ghazaly
Johann Ghazaly
Class: 2015
Regis Major: Public Health
Current Job: Police Officer at Richmond Police Department

Why did you decide to come to Regis?
I fell in love with the campus during my first visit. I knew it would offer me a well-rounded education with plenty of chances to build close relationships with students and professors.

How did your experiences and your education at Regis shape your life after college?
My professors taught me to think extensively which helped me develop my critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities. My time at Regis also allowed me opportunities to work with others to create solutions and helped build my communication skills. This has all helped prepare me for my great career thus far.

What did you learn at Regis that has served you well throughout your life?
I’ve become more disciplined. College wasn’t always easy—from difficult courses to stress from balancing work, school, and family—there were times I felt like giving up. I gained perseverance which is a key factor in making it through the difficult days.

Tell me about your career and your current job.
After working in public health for two years, I made the transition into the police force after realizing I wanted to go out and work directly with people. My job can be nerve-wracking and unpredictable, but it’s truly exciting. My time at Regis prepared me for my role as a police officer in many ways—how to talk to people, time management and organization, and the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

What advice do you have for current Regis students?
Don’t be embarrassed to ask for any advice from your professors or your mentor. No question is a silly question.


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