Lydia Miller

Just one year into her journey at Regis and nursing major Lydia Miller ’23 has an impressive resume: Pride Guide, Orientation Leader, Peer Tutor, Regis College Honors Program, Bethany Hill Service Group, member of the Regis Dance Company and cross country team—all while achieving an impressive 4.0 GPA.

“I have always been drawn to getting involved with my school and community,” explains Lydia. Although she was initially drawn to Regis for its distinguished, award-winning nursing program, Lydia quickly learned the university had so much more to offer. “During my first week at Regis College, a member of the Center for Ministry and Service stated how college is a time for growth and development as a whole person, in addition to our academic journey,” says Lydia, who took this to heart. “Throughout my first year, I developed into a stronger leader while continuing to discover who I am as an individual.”

Lydia volunteered at Bethany Hill Place, an organization that provides safe and affordable housing to families in need, where she tutored the children that lived there, reading and helping with homework. Next year, along with another student, Lydia is looking forward to taking on more of a leadership role to plan new activities to help the children stay engaged with learning in a remote and virtual setting due to the pandemic. “This experience is meaningful to me because I am becoming an active member of the children’s lives,” says Lydia. “It is so important to be able to build meaningful relationships and offer some stability to them.”

Lydia was also honored to have been recommended by faculty and hired as a tutor for anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and Spanish. “Trying new experiences like this has helped me develop stronger qualities and opinions as I continue to embark on life,” says Lydia. “Faculty, staff, and students constantly inspire me to continue becoming the best version of myself through service, leadership, and academia.”

Lydia is looking forward to her sophomore year and the opportunity to continue to challenge herself and develop her leadership skills. “I acknowledged that my Regis experience is for me to define; therefore, I got involved with activities on campus that allowed me to soar to new heights,” she says. “I am passionate about my future and the opportunities that it holds. I look forward to moments of success accompanied by moments of adversity, to help me continue growing as an individual.”