Ana-Dajah Quintana


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Change. Motivation. Opportunity. These are the words that come to mind when nursing major Ana-Dajah Quintana ’24 thinks about being a first-generation student.

“My family has been stuck in a continuous cycle of struggle, and I am honored to be the one who can change my family’s history,” says Quintana.

Quintana vividly recalls the moment she knew she wanted to become a nurse when she witnessed a car accident in high school. “It sounds crazy, but I instantly jumped out of my car to run to the victims. I had no training, but I felt no fear or anxiety and knew I needed to help.”

That epiphany—in conjunction with her scholarships—led Quintana to Regis’ Young School of Nursing, which she chose for its tight-knit community and personalized approach.

“The faculty is amazing—supportive and knowledgeable,” says Quintana. “Many of my professors are working in the field or getting their nurse practitioner degree, so it is empowering to see that if they can do it all, I can too.”

"My scholarships motivated me to work hard. It is so nice to know that there are people out there who don't even know me, but they see potential in me and are fighting for me to succeed."

Quintana was also impressed that Regis partners with top facilities in Greater Boston that she says will give her a competitive edge after graduation. “My clinicals have provided invaluable experience and allowed me to build up my resume with positions at Emerson Hospital and the Roxbury VA Medical Center,” Quintana says. “I also had the opportunity to work at a middle school where I gained experience working with children and solidified my dream of working in pediatrics.”

Quintana also serves as a writing tutor to first-year students. “It helps me get a deeper connection with fellow students and it has turned into a mentoring opportunity because I not only help students with their classwork, but also provide a safe space for them to talk or relax.”

At Regis, Quintana learned the importance of resiliency. "No matter what happens in life, people can grow and thrive if they are in the right environment," she says. "Regis has been that environment for me and the school has given me the resources I need to succeed."

Quintana looks forward to graduating and entering the workforce to become a pediatric emergency room nurse, and she never loses sight of the donor support that helped her get there.

“My scholarships motivated me to work hard,” Quintana says. “It is so nice to know that there are people out there who don’t even know me, but they see potential in me and are fighting for me to succeed.”