Iliana RamirezName: Iliana Ramirez

Class: 2010

Regis Major: Communication

Additional Higher Degree: Master’s in Human Services

Current Employer:
Homeless Coordinator, Department of Housing and Community Development
Co-Founder & CEO, Meaningful Occasions


1. Why did you decide to come to Regis?
I felt so welcomed during the first tour of the campus­—it felt like home.

2. What was your first job after graduating from Regis?
My first job after graduating Regis was at the Upham's Corner Heath Center in Dorchester, MA. I was the community coordinator for the Dorchester North WIC (Women, Infant, Children) Program.

3. How did your experiences and your education at Regis shape your life after college and your career path thus far?
During my time at Regis I studied communication, held a part-time job in retail, and interned each year. I learned initiative at Regis and how to balance school, work, and life. Regis let me test a lot of limits and showed me that obstacles were meant to get around!

4. Did you have a favorite Regis professor, mentor, or class that really impacted your life or path?
My favorite professor was Sara Weintraub. She really pushed me to work hard in her classes. She pushed me to work outside my comfort zone. Once in public speaking class I delivered a speech about my parents that led me to cry in front of the entire class. To this day when I go to deliver a speech, I remember all of the techniques taught to me by Sara; how to properly introduce myself, how to engage the crowd, and how to speak from a genuine place. 

5. What did you learn at Regis that has served you well throughout your life?
Regis was really about testing every limit, and I still try to push myself to achieve my goals and strive for the best. This comes from the empowerment given by Regis and its staff and professors. 

6. What one piece of advice do you have current Regis students?
DO NOT GIVE UP. Obstacles are not meant to stop you—they are meant to challenge you. 

7. Tell me about your career and your current job.
I am the co-founder and CEO of Meaningful Occasions, a non-profit agency that provides event planning services for the underserved communities in Boston. We also provide grants to support families in need. Each Meaningful Occasions event sponsors one family facing financial struggle with childcare services through the FLOAT (Families Leaping Over All Triumph) grant. We believe that families help each other grow and become our best, most prosperous selves. We want to bring families together and keep them together by creating these meaningful occasions. At MO, we believe that using our small business to support other small businesses is the best way to make our voices heard. By elevating each other and our families, we can create the greatest societal impact.

8. If you had to describe Regis in three words, what would they be?



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