Nicholas Sahagian ’20

Major: Global Business Management; Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida; Scholarships: LLARC Sharing Opportunities Scholarship, Tower Scholarship

As a global business management major, Nicholas Sahagian ’20 knows about the power of a handshake. And shaking the hands of donors who helped fund his education is something he will never forget.

“It felt so nice to personally thank and shake hands with LLARC [Lifelong Learning at Regis College] members,” Sahagian says of attending a reception for the LLARC Sharing Opportunities Scholarship he received. “Their generous scholarship meant so much to me and my family. I was able to complete my junior year because of it.”

Born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida, Sahagian grew up with a set of values instilled by his parents: respect, common sense, and giving back. He says that Regis Professor of Accounting and Finance Christopher Kubik, DBA—who is also director of both the master’s in accounting program and certified financial planner program—reminds him of his parents.

“Professor Kubik’s teaching style is very real and sets you up for the real world,” Sahagian says. “He will not sugarcoat things when you are wrong; he will say you are wrong and help you figure out the correct answer. He has helped me grow both personally and professionally.”

Susan Kennedy ’81, director of the Regis Center for Internships and Career Development, helped him land an internship at Northwestern Mutual in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as a licensed financial representative. For Sahagian, support from mentors, family, and friends, including girlfriend Desiree Jones, is what keeps him grounded and allows him to take flight. And he is committed to doing the same for others.

“I try to pay it forward, whether it’s helping my friends with schoolwork or teaching my younger teammates tactics to improve,” says Sahagian, who was captain of the Regis cross country and track teams. “If it was not for my high school and Regis, I would not be where I am today. In the future, I plan to give back to the scholarship fund and open up opportunities for someone else.”