Semi Spahillari

Name: Semi Spahillari
Class: 2013
Regis Major: Business Management
Regis Minor: Economics, Theatre
Current Employer: Financial Advisor at New York Life

  1. How did your experiences and your education at Regis shape your life after college and your career path thus far?
    Being part of a diverse campus made me very comfortable communicating with people from all over the world. This has become a huge advantage and led to my success as a financial advisor.

What was your first job after graduating from Regis?
I started a business with two partners I met while taking classes at Harvard. It was an international gold brokering company that imported precious metals and stones from Africa and the Middle East.

What did you learn (academic or broader life lessons) at Regis that has served you well throughout your life?
I learned that everyone has a story and everyone deserves to be happy. No matter where they are from and what they have been through in their lives, the human spirit is amazingly strong and can overcome hardships.

What one piece of advice do you have current Regis students?
Do the things other people aren’t willing to do. I learned really early in my career that in order for me to stand out, I have to really push myself. Before I sold my business I had no concept of what “9 to 5” meant. I worked countless hours every day, called countless clients and sometimes went to bed hungry because I knew my hard work would lead to me being successful later on.

Did you have a favorite Regis professor, mentor, or class that really impacted your life or path?
This is a hard one because professors have impacted my life and path in different ways but I think the professor that acted as a bridge between my professional and personal life has been Dr. Ernie Collamati. He was always there when I had a dilemma and helped guide me to the right path.

If you had to describe Regis in three words, what would they be?
Inclusive. Welcoming. Community.


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