Dimitri StewartGlobal business major Dimitri Stewart ’22 was born in Jamaica, raised in New Jersey, and came to Regis with a set of ambitious goals. “My aim in life is to grow and pave a way for my family—especially those that come after me,” Dimitri says proudly. Dimitri is grateful for the valuable life lessons and personal growth he has already attained during his time at Regis.

By being part of several groups on campus—including a Pride Scholar, Vice President of Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA), peer mentor, and the men’s volleyball team—Dimitri has been able to expose himself to a variety of new cultures and build networks both professionally and personally. “The Regis community has helped me grow and mature by showing me how the things I do can easily affect people, whether negatively or positively. Knowing this has made me more aware and self-reflective about my actions,” says Dimitri.

Dimitri values being part of the student groups and men’s volleyball team. “It has helped my transition at Regis go smoothly by having people to talk to, bounce ideas off of, and especially to ask for help when I need it,” Dimitri explains. “I love being a part of something and that I am a valuable part of the group. It’s a feeling I have learned to embrace, and it ultimately empowers me because I know these groups and causes are here to help me grow.”

Dimitri knows he will take all of these experiences with him after graduation to help him succeed in his life after Regis, where he hopes to be working for a marketing company as a sales representative.