Wildnese Leveque ’21Wildnese Leveque ’21, a double major in biology and public health and a Tower Scholar recipient, has fully embraced Regis’ core value to love and serve the Dear Neighbor without distinction. “The genuine hospitality that Regis gives its students has definitely played a role in my everyday life,” Wildnese says. “I know that this foundation will continue to impact how I treat others inside and outside the classroom.”

Wildnese arrived on campus and was determined to make the most of her time both academically and personally. “There is always a chance to try something new!” she says. “Whether it is joining a sports team, a lead in a play, or even starting your own club—there’s an opportunity for every student to spread their wings!”

Wildnese was honored to have one of these opportunities by attending a clinical-based service trip to Haiti this past summer. She signed up for the trip thinking it was the perfect chance to fulfill her desire to give back to others, but she quickly realized that she would gain more than she could give. “Being in Haiti allowed me to challenge my attitude, abilities, and myself,” Wildnese recalls. “I left with a different perspective on humanity and a passion to learn more about what I can do for others as a student and a medical professional. I learned the true meaning and importance of teamwork, knowledge, and strong work ethic from my peers and the people of Haiti.”

After graduating, Wildnese plans to pursue travel medicine and focus on refugee and immigrant health care. “Displaced populations are often at a higher risk for infectious diseases found in the country they settle in. My goal is for them to have one less thing to worry about when leaving their home country and settling in another—their health,” Wildnese says. “I want to provide the best quality health care and public health education I can provide for individuals and their families to make their journey easier, even if it’s just a little.”