Maria Zodda

Name: Maria Zodda
Class: 1972
Regis Major: Political Science
Regis Minor: History
Current Employer: Substitute Teacher at Nantucket Public Schools


Why did you decide to come to Regis?
I was looking for a women’s college that offered political science, which made Regis the perfect fit.

What was your first job after graduating from Regis?
I was a teacher for the deaf at the Boston School for the Deaf run by the Sisters of St. Joseph in Randolph, MA.

How did your experiences and your education at Regis shape your life after college and your career path thus far?
My liberal arts background gave me skills I have used throughout my teaching career for over 30 years. I did have to go on for a master’s but my dedication to service of others was fostered at Regis and it continues today. I am on a number of town committees and boards and volunteer full-time after retirement.

Share your favorite memory of your time at Regis.
Seeing Sister John come in a modified habit to English class. No one knew who she was and she said, "sometimes one must change." We just fell out of our seats! The faculty at large was amazing—both religious and lay people—brilliant, caring, and nurturing to young women who thought they knew it all. We had much to learn.

What did you learn at Regis that has served you well throughout your life?
You must simply do your homework—get information and use that as power to change things. Never give up or give in, but follow the path of a true Christian which is to serve others joyfully. Honor your family and friends and treasure the blessings you have.

Tell me about your career and your current job.
Since retiring, I have volunteered in our elementary school for the past nine years. I love to teach reading, which is an essential skill.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
Knowing I have taught countless children to read and that learning can be fun.

If you had to describe Regis in three words, what would it be?
Academic. Christian. Vital.

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