Alumni Council

The Regis College Alumni Council strives to enhance the quality of service to alumni, increase Regis’ alumni giving and participation, and heighten the lifelong partnership between alumni and the university. The Council demonstrates commitment and supports the mission by partnering with the Office of Institutional Advancement to build effective programs for Regis’ alumni and the greater Regis community. 

The Council is dedicated to fostering engagement, philanthropic support, and the promotion of the University’s mission and institutional priorities. The Council demonstrates engagement and promotes its mission by partnering with the Office of Institutional Advancement, building effective programs in service to Regis’ alumni and the greater Regis Community. A cohesive, volunteer spirit pervades the Council’s important efforts as they work to facilitate Regis' continued growth and vitality.   

Recruitment for the fiscal year 2023-2025 terms is open. Please complete the online application form by August 15 to be considered for a position on the Council.  

The work of the Council is extremely important to further both the reputation and the success of Regis College. While Council members are vetted through an application process, membership on Council committees is open to all alumni.